Benefits REceived

As our client and Williams Leslie Group work together in the design, implementation and sustainment of their proposed sales performance improvement program our client enjoys the following benefits.

Benefits Received

Program Relevancy

Because Williams Leslie Group uses a course development process that tailors the course to the needs of our clientís market, participants learn and apply selling skills that are completely relevant and directly applicable to their actual market and business realities. Therefore, the skills learned and practiced in the training programs will be immediately applicable to real prospect and customer situations.


Because Williams Leslie Groupís selling skills programs are directly linked to our clientís specific business objectives, program effectiveness and results can be accurately measured. Williams Leslie Group can assist our clientís management in designing pre- and post-sales goals, sales measurement systems and evaluation processes. Management would then be able to calculate return-on-investment of the results produced both qualitatively and quantitatively.


Selling competencies are behavioral. They are best learned and developed by practice. Approximately 45% of Williams Leslie Groupís Selling Skills and Management programs utilize experiential learning with participants practicing what is learned in realistic market-specific case study and workshop situations. Learning by doing dramatically increases the application of what is learned in the program to real prospect and customer opportunities. This direct and relevant application in the real world speeds our clientís return-on-the-training-investment.

Methodology & Pre-course Development

Our clientís sales organization apply critical selling skills in specially created case study situations developed to highlight and focus specific market segments, products, competitors, positioning strategies and tactics. Our clientís participants practice on realistic sales situations, observe themselves on videotape and receive personalized instruction and coaching on how to improve their performance.

The purpose of such market-specific tailoring is to build optimum bridges of relevance from the selling skills program to our clientís selling realities. These bridges of relevance ensure that salespeople can immediately apply what is learned in the courses directly to their sales, account and people management situations on Monday morning.

The pre-course development process is, therefore, vitally important to the overall measurable success of the program(s). During the development process, market-specific product information is gathered; marketing and sales objectives for the market segments are explored in detail; competitive knowledge, competitive positioning and differentiation strategies are communicated to Williams Leslie Group. Market-specific case studies are then prepared, each reflecting a realistic selling situation.

In short, Williams Leslie Group knows generalized training programs produce only general results that are often vague and almost always difficult for management to measure, evaluate and control. This is why Williams Leslie Group skills training systems are highly tailored for each client -- to produce tangible and planned training results that are linked to the clientís business and marketing objectives. Tailoring is not just an option with Williams Leslie Group; it is a one of our client service.