Our Approach and Philosphy

Start at Level IV on Kilpatrick’s Model

At the Williams Leslie Group our initial discovery questions to our prospective client center around the client’s business mission, measurement metrics and goals and objectives.

The Kirkpatrick Model for the evaluation of training is well documented and is illustrated below. Because our client engagements focus on your business strategy, your execution tactics and the gaps in your staff’s ability to perform at the levels required, our clients are able to achieve the results they seek sooner and gain a greater return on their performance improvement investment.

Customized Content

Research shows, adults learn best when they work with information that reflects their own environment.

Using a proprietary development process, we customize course content to ensure maximum learning effectiveness and immediate on-the-job-application.

Customization includes:

  • Case Studies

  • Interactive exercises

  • Role-play

  • Direct application of concepts and skills to current “live” sales, customer service and management situations.
Classroom Consulting

Flexible Implementation

Because both Next Generation Selling and Excellence In Service are modular programs, implementation can be as flexible as your situation demands.

Content flexibility – you are able to

  • Choose the modules from our sales, service and/or management curriculum that fit your business objectives and developmental needs of your staff.

  • Work with our staff to determine via needs analysis which modules from our curricula are appropriate for your situation.

Facilitation flexibility – we can

  • Provide professional facilitators

  • Certify your internal facilitators

  • Combination of both

Course scheduling and delivery – we can

  • Deliver all selected modules at one time

  • Schedule and deliver all selected modules in a “time-release fashion”

  • Integrate our modules into other business and/or training initiatives going on in your organization

    classroom instruction

    Business People First

    The Account Managers and Facilitators at the Williams Leslie Group were all business people before we were trainers. What does this mean to you? We understand what it means to have a business mission and what it means to have accountability for executing strategy and hitting the numbers …we’ve all had to do both. Since we’ve “carried the bag,” we are able to connect the sound concepts contained in our content to everyday application in the real world.

    Additionally, our business background also provides us with an in depth understanding of the challenges organizations face when either changing or creating a culture. Over the years our clients have received added value from their relationship with our Account Managers as they have provided the assistance required to adapt to their new sales and service culture.

    Experiential and Interactive Learning

    Building upon current adult learning principles, Next Generation Selling, Excellence In Service and Coaching for Increased Sales Productivity all use a discovery learning process that is engaging and participative.

    classroom instruction

    Interactive exercises and videotaped role-playing combined with structured feedback allows new behaviors to be modeled and mastered.

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